Friday, November 12, 2010

Gustav Klimt Ideas

I am just fascinated with the art of Gustav Klimt. Here are a few of my favorite lessons-the Klimt cat and the Tree of Life-that were inspired by his paintings. I love to use the book Klimt and His Cat (although I had to get my markers out to add some more clothes to some of the characters!) These projects were taught to first and second graders.
For the tree, we began by painting with gold paint. We decorated our trees with squares of scrapbooking papers, sequins and jewels, and crumbled up tissue paper balls.

The cat is my favorite. We used gold paint to make the cat, cut it out, mounted it on black, and then used oil pastel and cut paper to make Klimt-inspired designs on our cat! Glitter would have been cool on this project, too. Maybe next time!


  1. we are doing a "tree of life" in second grade right now, too. i will post pics as soon as they are finished next week. so far they look fabulous!

  2. Absolutely love this!