Thursday, May 15, 2014

Apps in the Art Room

Recently I was lucky enough to purchase two ipad minis from Donors Choose. The parents at my school, as well as friends and family, made this purchase possible. We are so excited to be using the ipads on a daily basis to learn more about art, explore famous paintings, edit our own art projects, practice animation, and travel to places around the world! Here are some of our recent projects!
Kindergartners have been learning about American artist, Charley Harper, and have used a great app that explores his artwork. It is called Peekaboo Forest and is an interactive game that allows children to "find" Charley Harper animals hiding in their habitats.
First graders learned about Wayne Thiebaud and used the Percolator app to edit their own projects.

Second graders have been using the Play Art app to dissect and reassemble elements from famous works of art to create their own versions of famous paintings.

Third graders have been learning about the portraits of Guiseppe Arcimboldo and have used the app, Faces iMake, to create their own fruit and vegetable portraits!

Fourth graders have been learning about Spanish artist, Joan Miro, and have created their own Miro-like creatures using the Zolo app.

Fifth graders read this article ( and created their own version of a Campbell's soup can using Drawing with Carl.

My class sizes are usually 30-35 and I keep a checklist to make sure the ipads are rotated. Using both ipads, usually it will take us three class periods to create a project and pass them around so everyone has a turn. They do this while they are working on another hands-on art project!
We are loving our new technology in the art room and can't wait to delve further into this new experience! Thank you, donors!!