Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jim Dine Hearts

I love teaching about Cincinnati Pop Artist, Jim Dine. His colorful and expressive hearts are the perfect subjects for January and February! Collaborating with other wonderful art teachers, here are a few ideas we've tried.
Second and third graders used crayon resist, model magic, and wire to create these colorful heart collages.

Students used a combination of marker and paint (oil pastel is another great possibility) to create these hearts. They layered warm and cool colors and used glitter to finish.

Kindergartners made their hearts by smearing plasticine clay!

These hearts were made by cutting and gluing pieces of painted paper and using oil pastel to add additonal designs!


  1. Great examples. Jim Dine is perfect ;) You have inspired me to do a Heart post.

  2. These are great! Love the variety!

  3. Awesome and glad you can participate in the simply the best art plans. Congratulations on the baby! I didn't realize you're expecting too. The second trimester was the best part for me! Hope you and the babe are doing well.