Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Colorful World of Peter Max!

We are lucky enough to be working with an awesome student teacher in our Art classes. Reyna Wanamaker is from the University of Toledo and has been with us since the beginning of the year. She recently taught the third and fifth graders all about the art of Peter Max.

Max is a Pop Artist. Pop artists use themes from the popular culture of their time in their Art. Peter's use of black outlines and bright colors came from comic books. He was also inspired by planets, stars, and astronomy in general.

Here are some of the "cosmic" works of art the fifth graders created, inspired by Peter Max!


  1. I'm a HUGE Peter Max fan. Kudos to your student teacher for a great lesson and some super student work. I'm hopefully going to get to Peter Max later this year, so I think I'll "pin" this lesson!

  2. Thanks Phyl! We actually got a handout from one of the Usborne Activity books by FIona Watts that we used. It helped a lot. It's in the book 365 Things to Draw and Paint by Fiona Watts. They drew on the first two days, painted with watercolors for 3 days, and outlined with oil pastel for one finishing day. They are really bright and fun. We did Statue of Liberties, too!