Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rangoli Designs from India


-designs from India-

Rangoli is the art of drawing images and designs on the floor with colored sand, rice, or flour. It is a form of folk art from India and stands as a sign of welcome and thought to bring good luck. The designs are geometric and proportioned. Patterns are made with fingers. They can be any size ranging from the size of a doormat to covering an entire room. Rangoli is designed with the help of dots, which are joined to form a pattern. The pattern is then filled with colors.
In India, this art is temporary. Each design stays only for a day or two, as it is often redone as part of a daily routine. One of the most popular arts among Indian women, rangoli is an age old custom. Designs are passed down through the generations, some of them being hundreds of years old.

Fifth grade students connected Math and Art and created these symmetrical designs inspired by Rangoli images. They were able to use sand to fill their designs.


  1. love this! (i'm doing radial symmetry with my kids right now too)

  2. I love these too! Can you tell me more about how they created their designs? :)

  3. Anne-they used a dot grid paper and I had them start in the middle, similar to a radial design. They would do one shape and then turn their papers, etc. There are some good videos on YouTube showing how to create Rangoli!

  4. Wow, considering that those are from elementary art, those are beautiful rangoli designs and patterns. I love each of them. Thanks!

  5. I love your Rangoli designs and patterns. The kids are amazing, thanks for sharing the designs and your work with the kids are inspiring. Keep it up!

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