Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Van Gogh Sunflowers

I loved this project. It may become one of my new favorites. Once again I was inspired by Patty's awesome website, Deep Space Sparkle. In particular, this lesson was the basis for our project : I made copies of her handout after I bought the PDF version of this lesson. It was a great handout and it was especially helpful to certain special needs children who tried this lesson. The step by step approach on the handout was the reason one child with autism was able to find so much success for this project! I highly recommend purchasing her PDF.

After students learned about Vincent Van Gogh, they drew their vases and flowers. They use tints and shades of yellow to paint the petals. During the next art class, they used colored pastels to decorate their flowers and table cloths. The results were stunning. It was a true success!

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