Monday, January 31, 2011

Mondrian Meets Britto

First graders compared the work of two famous artists, Piet Mondrian and Romero Britto. They are similar because their art both has bold lines and colors. However, first gradres concluded that Britto's art is easier to understand and not as abstract as Mondrian's. Britto also has a lot of pattern in his work! First graders used both artists as inspiration to create their works of art.


  1. I like the comparison. I would not have thought to use Britto and Mondrian together, but it works great with the lesson.

  2. do you have a powerpoint for this lesson? I love the comparison you're making between the two artits and would like to share it with my 1st graders. my email is - i'd love to have a copy of your lesson/powerpoint.