Saturday, October 31, 2009

Art for Everyone

Recently I have been enthralled with all of the amazing blogs I've seen on the internet. From cooking blogs to blogs created by teachers, it would be easy to spend hours going through these pages!

I am an elementary art teacher at a public school during the week and at an art museum on the weekends. I have been lucky enough to have this exciting profession for 7 years! My college education was invaluable, but what really helped mold and shape me into an art teacher was collaborating with other wonderful teachers of this subject. I have just recently had the pleasure of having a wonderful student teacher and realized that mentoring and inspiring others gives me great satisfaction. I hope that this blog can help other aspiring art teachers, as well as regular classroom teachers and homeschool parents. My goal is to show you how easy, exciting, and satisfying it is to introduce the world of art and creative discovery with children. Art can teach our children about the world and encourage a greater tolerance and understanding of other cultures and beliefs. It can give confidence to children who have trouble succeeding in the other subject areas. Art is a creative release for children with special needs. It's a great way to explore feeling and emotion. Art is so powerful!

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