Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Project Girl's Project!!

Attention all art teachers! A great and inspirational blog,, has a great collaboration project planned! Erica is asking for your best lesson plans for a substitute. She will compile them and email all of the lessons to each teacher who participates! What a great idea...useful for years to come. I will print all mine out and add it to my "sub tub" of possible projects. Thanks, Erica! Hope lots of teachers participate!!


  1. She is great isn't she. Great idea to post for her sub plans!

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  3. Whoops. . . thanks guys. Hope you get lots to choose from. Unfortunately I made tons of sub plans (I needed them) and I hope this will save us all time and trouble in the future. I don't think I'll ever have to spend two solid days in front of my computer again for sub plans with all these and the maternity ones I made up. My husband was saying I should make a cover page too with who made what lesson and their website (but not on their lesson so principals would just think we're all fabulous!) I think it's a good idea.