Friday, January 14, 2011

Substitute Art Centers

I just developed art plans for my K-2 students for when I have a substitute teacher. I have 6 table groups, so each table will get a tub of supplies. Students will rotate between the following activities: play dough, rollers, and cookie cutters ( in 2 centers), art journals, art books, Art "Memory" game, and drawing prompts (from the Anti-Coloring Book series) with geometric design coloring sheets. Here are the directions I will leave for the sub for centers!

*One of my previous posts on Zentangles explains what my 3-5th graders will work on when we have a substitue teacher. I find that things flow much better when I leave detailed activities that leave no room for boredom when there is a sub! I also don't want to scare a substitute away from the Art room, so I try to leave things that won't cause a lot of chaos-and also activities that I can pull out at a moment's notice if needed.

Art Room Centers (K-2)

Tubs should be set on the tables according to the diagram below. Students will begin at the center where their assigned seat happens to be and rotate accordingly. Each center will need to be explained before any movement occurs.

1.) Play Dough: There will be two centers for play dough. Students must keep the clay on the table. They may not mix colors or else they may not participate. They can use the rolling pins and cookie cutters. They must use a placemat. Please have them use hand sanitizer before the begin and when they finish (and of course, if they get up to use the bathroom!!)

2.) Art Books: Students may choose books to look at quietly and switch when finished. Please remind them to be respectful of the books!

3.) Art Memory: They may need assistance setting up a memory game with the art cards. They will take turns to find a match, just like in the game of Memory.

4.) Drawing/Color sheets: They will use pencils, crayons, and markers to select a coloring or activity sheet of their choice. They will take these with them!

5.) Art Journals: Using the famous work of art, students will take a journal sheet, write their name on it, and follow the writing prompt. They will put their journal entries in the bottom of the tub when they are finished.

Center Rules: No more than 6 will be at a center at a time. They will stay with their table groups and rotate. Please set the timer for 10 minutes at each center. They will only be able to get to four or five centers in a class period.

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