Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exploding Dots!

We just loved celebrating International Dot Day at our school this year! After reading "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds, students from Kindergarten through fifth grade created dot-themed art projects to start the year. "Just make a mark and see where it takes you" was the perfect message for our young artists.
Fifth Graders made these exploding dots. Their paper sculptures were bright, vibrant, and very fun! Students loved this project and the results were stunning.


  1. I really love that idea! I have to remember that next time we read that story. Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. These are so cool! Can you explain a bit how you made them- I'd love to try one!

  3. Love these! How were they constructed?

  4. When I made these with my 2nd graders I had them draw on a large sheet of paper with oil pastels. Then they painted the paper with watercolors. I cut each piece into strips. We had a lot of toilet paper rolls donated - so we covered them with paper (or you can paint them) and used them for the middle. When attaching the strips to the center piece I used tape - glue didn't stick well enough. It was a lot less messy too. We did add some glue for the cut paper "BOOM."

    1. Bet low temp glue would be just the ticket. My kinders get 'the training' on safe handling after Christmas and all my students use them. We set up a table as a station--I keep my eye on it, but don't feel the need to hover (with a few exceptions).

  5. Overall that's an amazing post.

  6. These are gorgeous. I think I will have my students try this, and my grandchildren!